Adult Gym - Please note this website is no longer maintained

Welcome to the website for Basingstoke Gymnastic Club's adult formers and recreational gymnasts.

The adult class has been running since October 2002 and represents a mix of ages and abilities. Some of us have been there right from the very first class, but most have only joined recently. Some have previous gymnastic experience whereas others of us only started in our thirties (or later). Maybe your children attend BGC's younger classes and you've always wondered if you could do it too...

Whatever your level of experience and fitness we are certain that you will enjoy gymnastics. Being a bit of a masochist does help though!!

Please come along to one of our training sessions and join in. You won't be pressured to do anything dangerous or embarassing (at first). We all started somewhere and we all enjoy helping the new starters with the basics.

Adult gymnastics is good fun, good exercise and a very social activity.

Come and meet the adult gymnasts' best friends - crash mats!